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To unlock the secret Dragon class, you must purchase the last upgrade to

the castle. Once "Invuln Time Up" is unlocked, a flag pole will appear at

the top of the castle. Press [Up] to select the "Beastiality" upgrade

for 5,810 gold. Purchase this upgrade to unlock the Dragon class.

The Dragon class can always fly. While flying, the Dragon can shoot

mid-range fireballs that consume mana when activated. The Dragon cannot

attack with the sword while flying. If you have only upgraded strength,

the Dragon class will not be as powerful. It also requires magic-based

equipment to improve stats.

Easy "Coulrophilia" achievement or trophy:

Select the Axe target mini-game. After talking to the clown, your spells

will be switched to the arcing thrown axe. Move forward slowly towards

the challenge room without getting locked in by stepping too far ahead.

Once close enough, you can knock some targets without using all five charges.

He will be able to break all the targets with his sword, which counts as a win.

Easy "Blennophobia" achievement:

The Boss is a large blob, similar to the smaller ones jumping through

the levels. He also spawns smaller blobs every few hits that he takes.

Each smaller blob is accompanied by a Gravisor (flying magician) that can

cast rock spikes from the floor. Unlock the dragon from very top of the skill

tree and fight in the air. Do not touch the ground. The enemies have a large

jumping range and the rest of the floor will become spiked by the Gravisors.

Always target the Gravisors first, then clear out the smaller blobs.

Do not hit the large blob too frequently or you will create too many

If you lose a lot of life on the way to the Boss, lock the castle and

teleport there instead. Once there, hit the Blob as frequently as possible

and try to conserve your heath until he splits into about eight parts.

Then, concentrate on hitting him while continuing to move. The Gravisors

are almost harmless if you keep moving. You can also ignore them until

they are clumped together, then kill them all in a few hits. Also consider

using armor that gives you defense and heath, ruins that

have vampire boosts, and choose a character that has no foot pulse.

Easy "Chemophobia" achievement or trophy:

Defeat Ponce de Freon, the alternate version of Ponce de Leon. His fireballs

will remain for awhile. Plan your movement to avoid getting yourself trapped.

As you move around the room, try to make the Boss circle you in order to stall

for time. Jump over him if you are on the floor, or drop down the platforms

if at the top. While he is circling he will pass through the walls and some

of his fireballs will not get in the way. If you get cornered, you will have

three Barbarian Shouts available to get rid of some fireballs.

Easy "Bibliophilia" achievement:

There are twenty four journal entries scattered randomly in each "build"

of the castle. All of them will be found by the time you progress to level 75.

If you do not earn "Bibliophilia" by that time, read the book in the starting

room of the castle. Note: Consider using the spelunky class скачать чит собейт крмп 0 3е на русском языке с торрента to make this

easier. Search for purple question marks on the map to find the journal

entries. However, enemies may appear with the same symbol.

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